Sunday, March 20, 2011

HOLD IT! The Semaphore is NOT Working!

Obama........"Gaddafi Must Go!"......

Obama........ "We are NOT going after Gaddafi"....."We are protecting the citizens of Libya!"

So.....which is it Dear President? Are we going to take the terrorist (proven many times) out? Or, are we going to protect his people and ignore the terrorists (the 800 lb. gorilla in the room!)....?

I am completely sure, at this point, and in light of the many previous stupendous decisions by PrezBO, that HE has NOT A CLUE! He is just doing his usual blathering public pronouncements. They mean nothing, and 5 minutes later he might reverse field completely.

This President has not a clue; he avoids decisions, and when he makes them (usually way beyond the "recall date")....They are then usually wrong! Hope and Change will land today/tomorrow/forever! But it will land with a THUD as it is tone deaf to the rest of the world....well, except for the small circle of his followers who will applaud, despite knowing there is NO SUBSTANCE.....NO FACTS INVOLVED!

We have to keep this idiot until 2011 (NOV.) when we can issue an official recall.....Then he will still attempt to implement his idiocy via legislation until he actually leaves office.

Sad Man....sad us....WE elected this vacuous man! Well, i didn't, but the majority did.