Sunday, March 06, 2011

O-M-G! This is classic comedy!

If the Tea Party, my friends, does not seize this as a moment of complete failure by the two parties to adjust to the fact of the 2010 vote, then they are DOOMED! BUT, the Tea Party knows the "Old guard" is still in control....well, til we vote in 2012.

Now, in the face of insignificant cuts by the GOP as well as the DEMs, the Tea Party must either fold its tent and go home, OR, take action to insure 2012 is a repeat of 2010 with old-line pols dropping like flies! The early announcements are GOOD....MANY pols are deciding the time is right to retire......HUMMMMMMMM...Wonder why these folks of the "Elect me and I'll provide for you forever" class are suddenly, "Tired", "ready to be with family", etc.

One commentator on FOX compared the GOP cuts to less than $.50 of an estimated $10 debt increase this year. The DEM offerings of 6-10 Billion in cuts is PATHETIC!

What the hell are the GOP leaders thinking???? Have they not heard the drum beat? Do they believe the Tea Party was just trying to get GOP folks elected? They are numb to the fact of Tea Party goals. OR They are just too dumb to believe the Tea Party will be there in 2012.

I guarantee we will BE THERE! If you have not demonstrated a drive to cut spending, and to bring the budget into balance, you will be OPPOSED! It is simple......

Wake up and smell the "new" Roses!