Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PrezBO Again Shows LOL......(Lack of Leadership!)

The entire Middle-East is disassembling, and Nero(OOPS...Obama!) Fiddles while it burns. He tried to feign kahones by announcing our involvement in Libya.....But that is fizzling quite badly. Now Yemen is blowing up and he has not a clue!

Go us your(non)stuff.......

This idiot is so clueless that the folks at local station IKYW (I Know Your Weakness) have decided to blank their tapes, and remove any knowledge of the clown-in-charge!

Seriously folks, we are on a ride from hell with this fellow who has not a clue, except how to manage his "clue-machines" and their "tell-me-what-to-say" idiocy!

My god, and the man enjoys a population of near 50% who still like him......Must be the folks who receive Govt. largess......

Oh my god, we are doomed!