Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another MAJOR Hillary Oopsie!

Misspoke Takes on a whole new meaning when the facts indicate Hillary was fired and almost disbarred by her actions.........


The story is explored by Neal Boortz today:


We touched on this yesterday, and I'm told that we've received a mess-o-emails asking me to put something about it on the Nuze today. Ok .. so here we go with the abbreviated version of Hillary's shenanigans when she was working for the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment mess. If you want the full story click here to read the column by Dan Calabrese.

  • Hillary Rodham gets a spot on the legal staff of the House Judiciary Committee upon the recommendation of a lawyer pal of Ted Kennedy.
  • The man who hires Hillary is Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat.
  • The House Judiciary Committee is investigating Richard Nixon with an eye on impeachment.
  • A question arises as to whether or not Nixon is legally entitled to counsel during the investigation. If so, his council would be allowed to cross examine witnesses appearing before the panel.
  • The concern about having counsel for Nixon cross examine witnesses centered on E. Howard Hunt. Democrats on the committee feared that Nixon's counsel would elicit information from Hunt that would be very damaging to the Kennedys.
  • Zeifman tells Hillary that Nixon is entitled to counsel. He cites documents in the committee's public file referencing the fact that Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas had representation four years earlier while he was being investigated.
  • Hillary removes the documents from the committees public file and places them under lock and key in her office where they are not available for media or public scrutiny.
  • Hillary then prepares a brief for filing with a federal judge which falsely states that there is no precedent for an official being investigated by the committee to have legal representation during that investigation.
  • Nixon resigns before Hillary has a chance to submit the brief in which she makes knowingly false claims.
  • Zeifman then fires Hillary. Hillary asks for a letter of recommendation. Zeifman says no. This was only the third time in Zeifman's 17 years with the committee that he had refused a letter of recommendation.

Zeifman told Dan Calabrese that if Hillary had actually submitted the brief she most likely would have been disbarred. We're trying to arrange for Jerry Zeifman to be a guest on the show today.

So .. all you Hillary fans out there. Here we have your hero once again hiding documents that could be damaging to her cause (Rose Law Firm billing records, Vince Foster's files) and then committing an unethical act in preparing a brief on a point of law she knew to be false. And you want this lady to be our president?

Oh ... and why haven't we heard about this before? It seems to me that the media would be interested in this level of dishonesty and unethical behavior by Hillary Clinton."

The beat just goes on and on and on with Clinton lies and cover-ups....