Monday, March 31, 2008

FITNA Has WAMY Fit To Be Tied! - How Bout Some Equality?

Yeppers, predictable as a Swiss watch used to be.....

Wilders film "Fitna" is shown and the heathens go crazy!

The WAMY folks (if you wanna know, look it up) are screaming that the film "cuts dialogue"....

Maybe if they practiced a bit of the tolerance we show in the West, they'd be much more accepted at the table by us.....They take any bibles found in luggage when a Christian enters Saudi territory....and they GRIND THEM UP in a shredder. They have highways down which non-muslims cannot drive. There are signs so noting, and if you do drive down them you might be shot!

Perhaps we need to retaliate via a few new laws......

How about WE confiscate Qurans coming into the USA & Grind em up! Or, we create special no-drive zones in front of Christian Churches in the USA....and, then we could also outlaw wearing of the hijab completely as both a health hazard and a form of disguise?

That'll do for starters.

Then, on an even footing we can open the WAMY dialogue.....We'll call it the "double-WAMY!" (Note: I stole that double-wamy from a commenter at Little Green Footballs!!!...sorry!)