Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let Me Be The 1st.....

To predict that the horrible economy, the Democrat follow up to their ill-fated "the war is lost"routine, is also lost.

February the housing market makes an unexpected bounce back upwards in sales!

The stock market, teatering up and down around the 12,000 mark for months, is suddenly back in the mid-12,000s.

Could it be we have reached the bottom of the media/democrat created "recession"?????

After all, we have not yet had ONE, let alone TWO quarters of lowered GNP...the criteria for a recession.

Gosh, what-o-what will the DEMs do if this argument is also lost?

Perhaps they could hang their collective hats on ending sniper fire at airports; or, even working to insure that vitriol sounded by preachers against the USA can be "hidden" instead of exposed.