Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm a "Typical White Person!"

Yeppers, according to the Obama speech, that is what I am.

Of course, I find no reason to feel BAD about being this "Typical White Person!"

I am not a person who has ever spoken ill of, nor provided impetus for any movement by "Whites" to make "Non-Whites" less, nor to limit them in any way. I have participated & formed operations which were aimed entirely at helping minorities (mostly Spanish at that time).

I DO NOT OWE you as a minority person. I am TODAY!

I was not a slave owner.....I did not prevent you from using my drinking fountain.....I did not send you to the back of the bus.....I did not laugh at you, cause you any form of upset by virtue of the situations in which we live!

I have, however, been laughed at by blacks for being white and "not understanding." I have also been told that I owed something to blacks because my great-great grandparents "might" have owned slaves.....(They did not as we were the poor white trash of Vermont/Massachusetts).

It is soooo easy to find fault and try to make everyone responsible for the times and places of 200-300 years ago.

Let us live in the day. Bill Cosby, not a bad role model, has proposed this. He is castigated by those who wish to perpetuate the race idea. Obama and his "Typical White Person" demonstration has cost him the Presidency.

Mark my words!