Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saudis' Make GIANT Strides VS Women and Freedoms!

HINT: It is a farce!

The Saudi government, ever mindful of the need to advance from the year 1000 to near 1,001 is making giant strides re: Women's rights!

Neal Bortz nails it today:


Saudi Arabia is really coming a long way, folks. I mean really. Take a look at this for example. The Saudi Shura Council has recommended that women be allowed to drive. Of course, this comes with heavy government restrictions:

  • The woman driver must be under 30.
  • The woman's driving is conditional upon the permission of a relative [father, husband, brother, or son].
  • The woman driver must obtain a driver's license from the center for teaching women to drive.
  • The woman driver must be modestly dressed.
  • The woman driver will be permitted to drive alone in the cities, but outside the cities she must be accompanied by a relative.
  • The woman driver will be permitted to drive Saturday through Wednesday between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • The woman driver must have a cell phone with her, so she can call for help in an emergency.
  • The woman driver must pay a certain sum when her license is issued; this sum will be set aside for car repairs.

The Shura Council also ordered the following:

  • The establishment of a special women's transportation department; this department will collect the fees.
  • The establishment of a telephone emergency center.
  • The establishment of transportation centers for women in the cities, which will be under religious supervision.

Oh and these recommendations also include a one-month prison sentence for anyone that tries to talk to a woman from another car. Yep, it's Islam alright."

WOW The progress is amazing. By the year 2100 they could be at the level of 1,002! What amazes me is the fact of the apologists in the Western world who yell long and loud that the Islamic nations ARE making progress. The problem is, these folk seem to think progress can be anything. One small step forward for a culture mired in the 1,000s......