Saturday, March 15, 2008

A "Made Up" Recession?

Looks like it!

How many stories have you read/heard over the past two months....perhaps three or more....of how we are "in", or "close to", or "verging upon" a recession? Hundreds. Obama and Hillary both tout the word like a cudgel used to beat the GOP about the head soundly.

They are L-Y-I-N-G!

It is that simple. The facts are we are at least 4-6 months from the point where a recession could actually be happening!

Beldarblog has the story of how Clinton, Obama and the DEMs are wishing, hoping, crying for a recession!

If one can manufacture a recession, then it can be "George W. Bush's recession", and the DEMs have a battle cry of "save the country's economy".

We ain't got no recession folks. As Beldar stated, the economy could not even meet the definition of a recession before mid-year....and that only IF both the 1st and 2nd quarter shows a drop in the GNP. Were that to occur, and many economists seem to feel it will not, then at the start of our being in a recession...even a tiny one...would be mid-year, and the DEMs would have been yelling "the sky is falling" for more than half a year ahead. Perhaps their real goal is to actually say enough bad about the economy to drive it into recession.

If you want a real recession, just elect one of the DEMs President next fall....then watch what happens after January 2009.