Thursday, March 13, 2008


That is the simplistic way of announcing the ideas of John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel....

Coleman (confession, he was my fave weatherman many, many years ago....pre-Weather Channel.... when he was Weatherman in Chicago.)
is saying Gore's ideas are wrong, and that Gore KNOWS that!

You have to read Coleman's STATEMENT OF PURPOSE to understand the idea.

I, personally, feel he is right!

GORE is a PR freak, and his ideas are a box of frogs........they leap about and are not proven at all.

Global warming....if it even far from being proven as the fault of the humans on Earth.

Gore is riding this til hell freezes over (which might, coincidentally, occur as the weather seems to be COOLING.....)

The media love Gore and his diatribes.....THEY are wrong.

Scientific data suggest we are NOT warming......

The media of today are a mere shadow of the folks whom I joined in 1968....and of whom I was a part til 1971.

Then I decided the media were being "driven" by outside forces.....then political, with agendas to follow Liberal leftist ideals. They are NOT newsfolk any more.