Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just Why Is That??????????

As rockets from Gaza rain down on her neighborhood, Laura Bialis wonders how the western media still manages to portray Israel as the aggressors in this weekend’s bloody conflict.

At Pajamas Media Ms. Bialis explains!

Well, at least as much as anyone can explain a bias of the MSM (Antique Media) so profoundly evident.

Let me see....put simply....Country One can shoot rockets at Country Two for days and weeks on end and it is not reported by the MSM. Country Two, being shot at, first warns and then attacks to stop the rockets. MSM kicks in with story of vicious attacks by Country Two. WOW! What journalistic integrity and honesty. (Maybe that last sentence should be more properly written as "What? Journalistic integrity and honesty?)

Shame on the MSM and their unbelievable bias. & They do it all complete straight faced!