Friday, March 14, 2008

Soo-weeyyy! & Grab Your Wallet Too!

The Democrats are coming! The Democrats are coming!

No, you don't need to hide your daughters....well, not as long as Bill C & E. Spitzer aren't in the charge anyway.

You DO need to secure your wallet, if that is possible.

Yesterday the wonderful Senate voted down an anti-pork bill by a huge margin as the Democrats, minus a couple, but plus half the GOP refused to reign in the spending. They dumped the bill with only 27 votes in favor of restraint.

THEN....just to add insult to injury....the Dems voted in both houses to let the Bush tax cuts expire. At least most of them. A $3 trillion dollar rollback.

& If you think that is bad news, just wait til we get a Democrat in the White House!

Obama/HRC have announced so many new tax and spend programs we'll all be reeling with the new tax burden.

Such fun. Maybe we can get Obama's minister to come and straighten things out for us. He seems to have some strong ideas about how bad it all is.