Friday, March 14, 2008

TOO GOOD! - Amen!!!!

Obama has once-again Out-Clintoned the Clintons!

The fellow revealed his financial records some time ago....Hildabeast still refuses...much to the consternation of most DEMs.

NOW, Obama has revealed his "Pork" for the past three years....his time in the Senate, and asked Hillary to do the same! She is in a quandry.

Reveal, and then the world knows how "Pork-rich" she has been....not-reveal, and face the ire of an electorate knowing she is hiding something!

Master stroke by Obama and his minions.

What will Hillary do?

She now faces a dual "I-am-hiding-my-stuff!" view by the folks of election time.

Oh, and we are still awaiting the opening of the records from Hillary about her "Service & Experience" during the Billary years....a sure top-seller...

The Clintons are on the way out, and THEY know it....but they have few answers left.

Love it!