Saturday, March 15, 2008

Global Warming Appears Much Ado About Nothing!

The stories, analysis, reviews, etc. on the Al Gore and IPCC dire predictions about our climate are indicating the Gorites are at least way over-stated, and probably completely wrong on Global Warming.

H. Sterling Burnett Explains the mess! Burnett is a Senior Fellow at the non-partisan, non-profit National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas.

This report, coupled with the recent call by John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, seems to indicate my long-held, and oft-espoused view that Global Warming is a mythical creation of the anti-capitalists in the U.N. and folks like Gore who make a living spewing such irrational information to willing listeners.

I cannot wait for the Gore/UN choo choo to begin beating the drums for some other cause and simply dropping this one like a hot potato.

Lets get on to dealing with real problems we face.