Thursday, March 20, 2008

Speaking of YUCKINESS!!!!!

Where the HELL is the mind of this nation?

In the toilet?

Thousands of pages of notes about appointments for Hillary during "The White House Years!" have been released.....

Analysts throng to the task of finding out "things".....whatever they may be.

The 1st result......The Blue Dress Day & Hillary!

My God Folks!!!!!!!

There are thousands of more-important things to look at!

How sad, indeed, that we find this the top story. As far as I am concerned....and I admit I am bereft of any knowledge myself, the Billary have not co-habitated...well, at least not co-bedded for decades...probably dating from shortly after Chelsea appeared on the scene!

What an extremely YUCKY topic.......

I am not a great looker, and have never been what you call successful in the finding-others department (with the lone exception of The WIN!) but I have to refer to a close friend's phrase when thinking of Hillary as a bed partner...."I cannot get that drunk and stay awake!"

Having dispensed with that topic....

CAN SOMEONE please proceed to look for relative information among the pages...something NOT related to a blue dress?