Friday, March 21, 2008

HELP! My Veneer is CRACKING!!!!

Neal Boortz tells the tale of "Obammystique" lost!


Well .. the veneer has been penetrated, hasn't it? So much for the exalted "trans-racial" election. Looks like its more of the same old same old.

With a few days under out belt, Obama's sermon from the mount – his speech on race – was little more than an eloquent rewrite of so many speeches and rants we've heard in the past ... look at the speech again and a nuanced reading will show you that Obama was laying the blame for Jeremiah Wright squarely at the feet of white people. Wright, in Obama's eyes, is merely a response – if a rather harsh one – to the crimes of white America.

So now we see the real Barack Obama. Whatever is wrong with black America can be traced back to the actions of whites.

Then we have Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis. The Obama campaign tried to hide it for a while --- but when the media got wind of the fact that access to the thesis had been shut off by Obama, the ploy was over. The thesis is 95 pages long ... and we haven't gone through it yet ... but an initial glance shows once again that whatever problems faced by black American are traceable to --- you guessed it – whites. Now I've read a synopsis which says that our possible future First Lady wrote that America was founded on "crime and hatred" and that whites are "ineradicably racist." I want to see those words for myself in the thesis .. but they do sound like they could come from someone who was never proud of her country until her husband saw success in his race for the presidency. Now I don't know about you, but I would not like the idea of a First Lady who says that America was founded on "crime and hatred." * We have combed through the entire thesis ... twice ... and we are still unable to verify these statements. If you have any insight, please let the Talkmaster know.

I have a thought about Barrack's membership in Chicago's Trinity United Church of (Hate) Christ. As I understand it, Obama joined this church just about the time he was ginning up a political career. Perhaps Obama thought himself too white. Raised in large part by a white couple (his grandparents), attending prestigious private schools – where my sister was teaching, by the way – then Harvard, the Harvard law review – and all of that white stuff. Maybe he felt he needed to shore up his black credentials – get a little street cred --- so off we go to join the dominant black church. I suspect that Obama was searching for black votes at this church more than he was searching for God. You can see why someone would search for votes in an atmosphere of hatred – but God?

It's been a helluva week ... the American people see Barack Obama a bit more clearly. They now see him as a man who can construct a bizarre moral equivalence between someone like Geraldine Ferraro and Jeremiah Wright .. someone who suggests that Obama's race has been a help in the campaign, and someone who shouts "God Damn America" from the pulpit and blames white America for AIDS. In all of this many don't see a man deserving of the Oval Office."

I am quite certain several options weighed by Obama this week were better than the ones chosen. "Typical White Man" may be a phrase that haunts him to defeat....either in the primary or the general election.