Monday, December 21, 2009

What Could Go Wrong?

The Democrats pass another monumental ObamaCare vote in the Senate....60-40, right down party lines.

Hope & Change....

They achieved this despite the 61% of Americans now stating their opposition to ANY healthcare bill.

Hope & Change & Transparency....

Despite the ladling out of millions and millions of MY (OUR) tax dollars to the few who chose to hold out for benefits for their own state.....Nelson, Landrieu, Dodd, etc.

So, simply passing the bill involves the Democrats at their favorite game. Spending tax dollars to help them pass legislation to spend LOT$ MORE tax dollars.

Hope and Change....

The Democrats, assisted by two Independents who almost universally vote Democrat, passed the next hurdle, and moved on to final hurdles aimed at Christmas Eve final passage...Despite the fact that NO ONE, except Reid and possibly one or two trusted aides has even seen the bill...let alone had time to analyze it.

Transparency....a new Washington filled with openness and cooperation.

Da Ya think the polls that say the DEMs are in deep doo doo in November 2010 are possibly right?

Just then, given an almost assured passage and signing of ObamaCare, YOU will be paying for the program.....

AND You will only have another three years before the 1st components actually kick in.

You got your Hope & Change!!!!!

Merry go count the coal in your stocking.

I'm throwing my stocking out...hopefully alongside my ObamaCare-super-supporter Congress Critter, Rep. Betty Castor...

Come on November.