Sunday, December 20, 2009

A shot across the bow!

China has fired a warning shot that will NOT be heard, acknowledged, or exposed in the general MSM. To expose the shot would be negative for the entire program of Obama/Democrats. It might impact cap & trade, Stimulus II, ObamaCare, etc.

The Shanghai Daily sounds the warning.

How do we do any of the planned expansions without the ability to sell bonds? We do not, or in this case we do and then pay the price with an economy deep, deep in trouble.

Some feel the Healthcare vote itself is Political Suicide (The analysis is a bit long, but indeed informational).

Megan McCardle continues the political suicide theme, but adds another "1st" for this monster bill:

"At this point, the thing is more than a little inexplicable. Democrats are on a political suicide mission; I'm not a particularly accurate prognosticator, but I think this makes it very likely that in 2010 they will lost several seats in the Senate--enough to make it damn hard to pass any more of their signature legislation--and will lose the house outright. In the case of the House, you can attribute it to the fact that the leadership has safe seats. But three out of four of the Democrats on the podium today are in serious danger of losing their seats.

No bill this large has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote, or even anything close to a straight party-line vote. No bill this unpopular has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote. We're in a new political world. I'm not sure I understand it." (Emphasis mine!)