Thursday, December 17, 2009

Russian Data on Climate "Cherry-Picked" by CRU

Now we apparently have proof the data used by the folks involved in ClimateGate was picked from total Russian database TO MATCH THEIR THEORY...

25%???? 75% of their data stations were IGNORED????

Yeppers folks we can believe the GW "experts"...they proved their theory by picking data to match.

I'd ask AlGore about this, but he does not answer questions, nor for that matter does he explain when he is proven wrong on his statements. After all, as Neal Boortz sez, "He is The Goracle!" Above such mundane things as addressing errors, and providing response to anyone who dissents. HIS time for debate is over...His mind is made up so do not confuse him with "inconvenient" facts!

Sickening, and PrezBO wishes to sign off on BILLIONS for this charade?