Thursday, December 24, 2009

It Is Done! - The DEM Nanny State Has Arrived!

Ho-Ho-Ho....No, not a Christmas Greeting....the words are to be said when pointing at Sens. Nelson, Landreiu, Dodd, et al. These thieves took vast sums of money and/or promises to exempt their state from the disaster others face in exchange for their vote for the "Nanny-State" option called healthcare. Thus, this morning, in the shadow of the Christmas celebration we were given the "Harry-Harry Christmas" present.

NOPE....not ObamaCare....we were given the complete Democratic wish-list. Public option be damned, they included enough in this bill to insure public option in a different form. In addition they ladled on the massive-cost (for YOU & ME) of such lovelies as coverage for your kids until they reach somewhere between 26 and 30. Your "kid" will be one, under the care of this nanny state for 1/3rd of their life!!!

Young folks just starting out will be forced to carry insurance. Doctors will be facing massive cuts in their reimbursements. We will face, as older folks, the "death panels"...even if they are called by another name. These panels will decide what you can and cannot have under healthcare. They will tell your doctor what you can have as treatment...and, they will limit lots of "costly" tests and treatments; particularly for those over the age of ???

This abortion will be paid for by me and you and our kids and our grandkids, and in a single generation we will have the hell that is healthcare in England, Canada and a number of European countries.

Thanks to these Democrats who acted entirely on-their-own. They wrote the bills behind closed doors; they voted down every GOP amendment or change proposed. They ignored a public that went from barely supporting in the measure in the Spring to in massive opposition to the bill. 61% of the public said....NO CHANGE!!! The DEMs went on their merry way.

Now the report is the bills will be combined...NOT in the traditional way with House and Senate conferees working to make an amalgamation of the vastly different bills, but instead by Reid and Pelosi alone, behind closed doors! "Hope and Change You Can Believe In!"

Congratulations to my many friends who sought change from the traditions of beltway politics only to find the new deal is even a country mile. Oh, and we can through in the looming financial crisis when our dollar goes even further into the pit of doom, and the economy tanks in massive proportion.