Thursday, December 24, 2009

Phone Coverage

The "Phone Wars".....AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. rage on. TV has hundreds of commercial minutes dedicated to who has the signal in the most places....who has the best signal....who offers the best overall service....

It is an endless cacophony of sound bites...each trying to sell their product by pointing out the failures/weaknesses of the others while simultaneously hiding their own failures/weaknesses.

I can only comment on one level. MY experiences.

Last Spring (April 20th to June 20th), Duchess and I traveled just short of 10,000 miles in our motor home from Tampa up thru Illinois to Wisconsin, and then West on I-90 to Badlands/Rushmore (no Obama face YET!), then on to Washington and the coast down to Portland, across Oregon, Idaho, and into Yellowstone. Then to Jackson, Montana, and S. to Rocky Mountain National Park....further down to Texas via East New Mexico, and eventually home to Tampa.

In all our 60 days on-the-road we had fewer than 5 days without signal for our PC-USB on-line hookups and our phones. ALL on Sprint.

I was pleased and completely surprised as I thought we'd find the prarie areas devoid of signal.

It was nice!