Sunday, August 23, 2009

Has Obama Hit The Tipping Point?

HughS at WizBang Blog thinks it a possibility!

He has, at the least, seriously damaged any creds he had with MOR (Middle of The Road) folk. Even his own Dems are just 49% in support of ObamaCare....That spells disaster for him, and frankly i am one who feels Obama has not the depth nor ability to understand and retrench. If I am right, he will turn more and more aggressive, bitter, thuggish and the spending of millions of OUR tax dollars for a PR campaign for his program will seem like a trickle of water compared to what he may devolve into as this loss comes more and more into focus.

Even the dense, out-of-touch beltway Dems are quickly becoming aware the cause is lost.
A watered-down, or incremental version now appears to me off the table.

2010 will indeed be an interesting election!

2012 even more so.

From despair to enjoying the 7 months.