Friday, August 21, 2009

Voter Intimidation; Do You See Any Voter Intimidation?....I Don't See Any Voter Intimidation!

The commercial....probably long forgotten, except by we of the age of 60 plus....was a commercial involving ducklings walking all over a large dog, exclaiming how they could not see a dog....."Do you see a dog, I don't see a dog!"

The theme, in this case of the AG of the United States, involves probably the most egregious violation of voter laws, and intimidation.....Only an Obama-led AG would possibly avoid taking this to court. I guess from this point forward, weapons are completely OK for voting precincts. Perhaps the NRA needs to have reps at each polling place with folks who are "licensed to carry"...???? Of course, then the BIG guns of the liberals...the ACLU...would find major reasons to challenge the action.


Of course, that would be immediately grounds for criminal action under the law....just not a black panther with weapons...they would never use them anyway....right???

The Obama sickness is growing, and will consume "The One" at some point in the near future.