Friday, August 21, 2009

"Pull The Plug On ObamaCare!"

Peggy Noonan speaks on the need to abort this fiasco!

The alarms are sounding, and rational folks.....Clinton, Gingrich, and others.....would be wise enough to drop this idiocy.

PrezBo, as The One, (he believes his own press) is not built to acknowledge any form of defeat/lack-of-control/inability....He simply knows only one way. If it begins to falter then you lie/cheat/blame anyone/everyone/acknowledge nothing....

The main fact to keep in mind is this fellow is a shallow, inexperienced product of the "Sh-Caw-Gah" political scene which is NOT the political scene of the rest of the US of A!

He simply cannot fathom that his charm, grace, good looks, and threats/thugishness/et al will possibly not produce a forced win.

He is further deluded by the Pelosi/Reid team of political losers who read nothing except their own press. Dissenters are "anti-American", or "astroturfers"...never mind the polls telling the Dems this is NOT working!

Stupidity, and massive ego will lead to a huge GOP break in 2010....we have yet to see just how much of a swing.