Friday, August 14, 2009

Surgery - Post-Op....

From the Oh-My-God! department.....CA surgery #5....

This was post-op, still partially under the anesthesia, and feeling not-so-good!

Today; well, I feel like a train wreck. Head has lots of throbbing (Vicodin already taken), Neck is sore as hell, and, I look even worse than usual...and that is a strong statement.

One follower on Facebook wrote, "At least they didn't have to shave your head!" She was, of course, entirely correct. I responded to her that the only place they touched where hair actually still grows is MY NECK!

Ah well, it is over, and still a month to recover my good looks before anniversary trip to Grand Cayman.

Remember to worship the "no-hurricane-in-Grand Cayman" Gods for us!