Thursday, August 13, 2009

There Are Elephants!

They are in the room....
Why are media folks, pundits, even bloggers having trouble focusing in on the R-E-A-L issues of ObamaCare?

The issues here (while they are certainly side issues) are not: Single-payer; coverage for elderly, pork, rationing, etc.

They are:

A) Government control - Government getting further and further into telling/controlling how we live, what we do and anything else to do with government in power position.

B) See A)

That is it folks. We, as a nation, have allowed government to intrude further and further with SS, Medicare, Medicaid, regulations, take-overs of entire industries, etc. Now comes this elephant. Take over of a M-O-N-S-T-E-R chunk of our entire country.

Details matter little. IF government takes over healthcare, we lose. Even if they promise the moon and stars. Eventually you will have the failed programs of government revisited.

The Postal Service? Failure....loser of BILLIONS. The PrezBo would have us believe the Postal Service is good BECAUSE it spawned UPS, FED-EX, etc. is a failure in any way you wish to look at it. If the postal service went away tomorrow, business would provide a service. That service would be faced with competition.

Medicare? Failure....(Yes, I admit, I am a user as a retired person) This monster program, while on-the-surface appearing to meet the needs of elderly, is bankrupt....Worse yet, it is about to exponentially cost us TRILLIONS more with each passing year!

Medicaid? Failure....See Medicare!

Government-Union Motors?....Failure! It began as a failed industry which cost us BILLIONS and, through the efforts of PrezBo now is an arm of Government/Union operation which still operates at the level of failure and also will continue to come back for more and more money until it still ultimately goes belly-up.

The elephants are here folks.....some are already visible. Some, like ObamaCare, are just shadowy outlines (on purpose...who wants us to know what is actually planned?) until they pass.

Government operates NOTHING well.

Do not let false promises, lies, innuendo and such keep your eyes off the elephants.

Government control is lethal.

It is also, by the way, socialist.