Monday, August 10, 2009

Similarity - ACLU & AARP.....

Both have become watchdogs of Liberal/DEM ideals.

Both ignore the basic constituents/members of their program.

Neither will listen to reason, nor be "fair-and-balanced" in their coverage/action.

The AARP is completely in-the-bag for the LIBs, despite member attitudes in opposition to the same.

The ACLU is now so completely in-the-bag for LIBs as to avoid completely the beating of a BLACK MAN in St. a mob of whites and blacks....BECAUSE he is Conservative.

Credibility Z-E-R-O!!!!!

It is so neat to see these left-wing groups expose their left-wing leanings by a lack of action against ANY form of LIB action.

Hope your $ are drying up ACLU....KNOW your cred is drying up are hearing from WE, the former members regularly!