Monday, August 10, 2009

Pelosi-DEM Audacity....(Possibly Including Some GOP!)

We are in a recession.....

We have authorized and spent more money in the first months of the Obama Administration than in any period in our history. Our 1.8 TRILLION DOLLAR debt is astounding.

ObamaCare looms on the horizon......Cap & Tax sits in the wings.....


So, what has our Pelosi/DEM Congress done in response?

They are ready to order a FLEET of Gulfstream G500 LUXURY JETS to be on-call for them night and know, in case they have to fly to Barbados to get some Mount Gay Rum or something. The price?


The absolute audacity! The complete lack of connection with their electorate! The elitist attitude of "we will take care of US...oh, and throw you the bill" is enough to take your breath (& money) away! Could there be a more-pronounced example of tone-deaf people?

They deny any form of communication at the town hall meetings....actively encourage union thugs and goons to attend a disrupt...and then call the registered voters who do attend "anti-Americans!" After all, do we think we are a republic with actual free speech?????

The 2010 ballot box is our only alternative. Keep the faith. V-O-T-E for ALL new folks who WILL stop spending and socialistic/marxist leaps toward government control.