Thursday, August 06, 2009

Healthcare....Let Me Understand This!

So...The public (via every poll I've seen) is opposed to ObamaCare.

The members of AARP are in a riot over the decision of AARP to support what is a bill laden with cuts hurting the seniors.

No CongressCritter has even pretended to read the 1000 page + tome.

Each and every CongressCritter holding a "Town Hall" or some form thereof in their district, which their constituents expect, is hearing LOUD demonstrations of opposition....

Y-E-T The Dems, led by kum-by-ah singing Obama are still in full charge to enact this abortion of our medical rights.

Do they still believe they can do this without losing total control of Congress in 2010? Do they CARE?

I doubt they care. This has been a goal of the Lib/Dems for decades. They will exhaust any and all options to pass this.

Hopefully they will leave office en-mass in 2010.