Sunday, August 02, 2009

THIS Is Scary.....REALLY Scary!

Something hit Jupiter....and the only one to spot it (despite hundreds of professionals viewing the sky/looking for errant meteors/et al) was an amateur....

Well, Okey-Dokey then!

If we are studying the stars, and our own planetary system to find meteors, comets, and space debris.....WHY would we miss the crash into our neighbor???

MORE IMPORTANTLY......How do we have ANY assurance we will SEE SOMETHING COMING TOWARD US!!!!! ?????

I find this to be a bit out-of-focus. Are we not looking hard enough? Are we not providing the folks/systems necessary to see these.

The long talk about how we stop such an entity if it is coming to Earth is moot IF we do not have the means to SEE IT COMING!!!