Monday, August 03, 2009

"Read My Lips"........Part Deux!!!!

The One marched out all his minions Sunday to the TV news shows. Their non-message was...There will be new taxes & the rich cannot pay them all.
My poster/bumper sticker!

The man made a major campaign point, time-after time-after time, that there would be no new tax on the middle class. This now ends. Just as George-the 1st did so many years ago now Obama will try to sell you on the fact that the bad economy, not he, is going to force more taxes.

In case you forgot what he said:

Just remember, if he had not rushed thru the (Lack of) Stimulus, and was not now demanding a healthcare plan which will cost gazillions, we'd not need a tax hike.

If you wish to make your voice have, call and/or go see your CongressCritter during his/her/their Summer break...if you can find them.

Obama and the rest of his Chicago Administration are busy trying to reverse the sagging polls for his healthcare, and it seems non-productive in that regard for them to admit a needed tax...but there it is.

By-the-way, FOXNews was speculating (Stu Barney) that the tax will be a NATIONAL SALES TAX! Got that? It may be called a "value-added" tax, or it may be given some other name creating a charade that it is not REALLY a sales tax, but it will be placed on everything for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!

Still Lovin your man, Obama?

Stick will get worse.