Monday, August 10, 2009

AARP...Members, Opinions, What Members....Opinions????

AARP continues to advertise to the members their many benefits. They ALSO continue to present, as the position of AARP, positions which HAVE NEVER BEEN PRESENTED TO, NOR VOTED UPON....By A-C-T-U-A-L AARP MEMBERS.....

Something fishy there folks.

IF I represent 40-50 million members......and IF I present this fact to the public/Congress...Should I not at the very least allow the MEMBERS the privilege of taking part vis-a-vis expressing their opinion in a certified by INDEPENDENT OBSERVERS! (This would not actually be necessary IF the AARP really represented us.)

AARP...Respond to the members, or we will cut you into pieces. WE ARE THE RETIRED PEOPLE! YOU ARE NOT! You S-U-P-P-O-S-E-D-L-Y work for US!

If not, then why would I belong to an organization whose "benefits & discounts" probably return me about what I invest in each year to be "Represented?"

Thinking Seniors Would Like To Know!