Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Is Obama Headed?....Does He Know????

The 'Campaign" Obama is not having a great deal of success currently. His campaign seems to have run dry. Golly, do you suppose that MIGHT be because he won in November, and now, some ten months later is STILL campaigning? The problems for Obama are that he is like the kid who suddenly won a giant lollipop....he has no idea how to use it.

The lack-a-experience theme is more than a is fact. This man has been thrust upon a stage much, much bigger than his thought patterns. Well, given his G-I-A-N-T agenda, maybe not completely outside his thought patterns....PERHAPS the stage is beyond his experience and ability levels?

Obama cannot understand why his "Shi-Caw-Gah" political attitude does not resonate with the US of A attitude. He finds it incomprehensible that folks do not simply comply as they did in Chicago.

Thus goes the future of Obama. If this man cannot find the depth of soul to admit he overreached, and the contrition to accept, as Bill 7 Hillary did, that he cannot sell the boondoggle of ObamaCare...he will doom every other initiative of his young administration. Period!

My personal opinion....Obama's GIANT ego will not allow him to re-trench!

He will not be re-elected in 2012, and by then the GOP will control the House, and possibly the Senate.

Stark, and...just months ago, a prediction that would have been greeted by hoots and catcalls!

Not so much anymore!