Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey AARP....Where's My Consult?

This morning on FOXNews I watched AARP VP David Sloane mouth the words of the AARP used when they are being accused of already siding with liberals on ObamaCare.

Nope! They have not made a choice.......If ya haven't made a choice....why can I find your website full of goodies like this?????

Oh, and while we're on the subject...Today you also said this is a time when "we are consulting with our members about their feelings"....on healthcare.

Where in Hell is MY Consult?

I have covered the AARP site, and scanned my emails as well as Duchess' emails & we find nowhere that we can be offering to "consult" as AARP members.

Where are the mystery members with whom you are consulting? How are you locating/choosing them? Why are you not asking all of us some questions if you truly and actually "represent the millions of members"??????

Just asking.....I am feeling ever-more disconnected from AARP & its string of liberal stands while never asking we, the members, for more than our annual membership fee!

I've had a lot more input to my Tea Parties here in Tampa than to AARP....& my Tea Party dues are zip-nada-zebo-none!

Just asking.