Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"My Mind's Made Up; Don't Confuse Me With FACTS!" (said with great emotion!)

Team Obama, fresh off a constant 8 weeks of sliding polls, diving support for ObamaCare, and derision from all corners...including many in his own party...Is ready to rebirth the ObamaCare push with......(Gotta Believe It!) EMOTIONAL APPEAL!

Yeppers, if you cannot sell them the steak (after all, there is NO real healthcare bill at this point...only a 1,000 page tome to idiocy!) Sell em the SIZZLE!

From the WSJ, via FOXNews

Too much. Really, let me stop laughing!

The problem with ObamaCare right now is it is NOT OBAMACARE! It is this giant tribute to killing trees which Obama wants in the worst way despite persistent, believable outrage from citizens opposed to its apparent content.

Apparent Content. Therein lies the problem folks! Obama is never going to detail what actually is slated for passage because he knows the opposition will stiffen and grow when the entire socialist effort to place government in control of OUR health is exposed.

Emotional Appeal.....yeppers, I am gonna stop opposing cause The One tells me it is all gonna be OK and besides if we don't pass this in the next few days/weeks/months, the world will D-I-E!!!

Get real PrezBo!