Monday, August 17, 2009

"Public Option" - It is A-L-I-V-E!!!! ; OOPS, Sorry Folks, This Was A Trial Balloon!!!

Once again the Obamabots are trying to figure what they can do to get their way with the LEAST possible change from COMPLETE-TOTAL-ABSOLUTE control of our Health Care!

Over the weekend they floated a trial balloon of "giving up" the public option of ObamaCare.


Michelle Malkin tells the TRUTH of it!

This administration folks does NOT know the meaning of "NEGOTIATE"...They only know, subterfuge, lie, manipulate IT til it WORKS!

There will only be an apparent capitulation if they get a bill that leaves open the possibility of GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

The "CHI-KAW-GAH" school of politics knows nothing less than total, complete victory.

Obama is CHI-CAW-GAH Politics personified.

We either win this folks, by denying Obama the prize, or we LOSE. It is that simple.