Monday, August 24, 2009

Let Us Ignore "Hope & Change", and See Where We Are!

The populace of the US were conflicted about the Presidency of G W Bush....particularly during his last two years in office. Bush offered many different faces which provided for the pundits lots of choices....mostly terms of his Presidency.

However, despite the overwhelming negative attitudes about Bush, the general tenor seemed positive.

Now the "Hope & Change" guy is in charge. The stimulus bill for GOLLY-TASTIC amounts of money has been passed, the House passed a Cap & Trade bill, and also the ObamaCare plan (well, one of at least five of them)...and we have today C-O-N-F-U-S-I-O-N!!!! Plus a few additional descriptive words.....dismay, opposition, overt public involvement.....

The facts are simple. Obama has driven away many of those who made him President. He has done so in a few short months.

His primary problem? He (&/or his minions) feel they can pass anything under the guise of "Emergency/crisis/act-or-fail" type thinking. It worked for Stimulus #1.....It seemed to work for the House version of Cap & Trade....Then reality set in.

Suddenly the national debt/budget deficit/et al seemed to blossom! That ended the mantra of "Hope & Change"

Now Obama is left dangling by his own rhetoric.

He is lost to the middle, and the right. His numbers are plummeting and he seems clueless. What can possibly be wrong?????

The man is a novice, and he is proving the fact daily.

If he pushes much harder without support, he will be out in 2012....His agenda is already in shambles, and his 2010 support in Congressional elections is not a bright picture. 20-40 seat Congressional loss??? Possibly.

Experience counts and Obama had NONE!