Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Spies Like US!"

What the Fxxx has happened to the intelligence for Iran's effort to build a REALLY BIG BOMB???

Well, let us see...the CIA, those fellows who "knew no-thing about 9/11" and who still seem as inept as kids on a drunk...seem to feel they should suddenly, and disastrously completely reverse their feelings about Iran's efforts and ability re: BOMBS that are really, really, scary!

In July the CIA folks involved in the current report said the Iranians were continuing to develop NUKES!

In December, they suddenly find the Iranians were stopped in 2003....

CIA idiotarians!!!!!

I cannot believe this report. I cannot believe they found such disparate reports in such a short time to be anything the public AND the political community will believe.

What IS their goal????? I know there is a political one or they would not have done such damage to themselves by reversing field in such a drastic move! WATCH these idiots as they move about and scheme....politically....exactly the reverse of what they are intended to be. They may be killing us as we watch!!!

What IS their goal??? Simple obfuscation to indicate the GWB APPROACH (CONSERVATIVE) IS b-a-d