Saturday, December 15, 2007


Waitresses/Waiters for Philly Steakhouse. Must speak Spanish, German, Italian, French, Islamic, Japanese, Chinese, and most other languages! English IS NOT REQUIRED!

Now that should limit the applicants!

Just read of the plight of a Philly restaurant owner who simply asked his customers to order in English to make ordering easy and quicker.....

THIS SUCKS....Big time!

I have the right to refuse service? BUT, it cannot be because someone cannot speak a language used by 99.9% of those who do order?

Philly has lost the freedom principles, and is moving toward complete idiocy! Political Correctness run amok! The folks in Seattle must be cheering. Wonder if you tried to order there in a steak house in some other language if they'd have a problem?

I'll report when this decision comes out, but it could impact LOTS of businesses!