Friday, December 07, 2007

Tain't Funny McGee!

The line is something lost on those under 60.....

It was said by a member of the cast of the "Fibber McGee & Molly Show", at its finest.

This application, however is of the bizarre statements and positions of our CIA ("Cover It ALL!") intelligence agency.....

What the xxxx are these idiots planning next?

They have reversed (vis-a-vis their new NEI Report) course for the possibility of Nukes in Iran....Saying now that the Iranians stopped work on a Nuke in 2003....YEARS AGO) This despite the immediate response from Germany and France that the threat of Nukes still exists! & Despite their own reports of 2005 and as recently as July of 2007, that the Iranians were working on Nukes for delivery!

Now it is announced the CIA has destroyed tapes of "interviews", mild torture of folks in Git-Mo to "Protect the identities of the questioners!"

Bull-Shit......Pure and Unadulterated!

The CIA is asserting itself more and more as an agency run wild,. and out of control. They are seemingly opposed to any form of control for their OPs, and they will smear anyone and anything in their way.

WE are the creators of the CIA....and we should also be the CONTROLLERS of the CIA....

We are NOT!

How far can these renegades advance before we take serious notice?

Their intell is suspect, at best.....their politics advanced far beyond the realm of reality for a "Government agency"...

I am afraid of this organization and its funding plus the lack of control. Let us put a stop to its insane political agenda.