Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Huckabee Bandwagon....Let Me Point Out!!!!

This man is NOT on record as a strong illegal enforcer, nor a person seeking to BLOCK future illegals from coming here. He avoids the question like the plague!

Huckabee is a Sanctuary person until he tells me he is otherwise...

Speak up Mike!

Let me know you are on OUR side...that you will CONTROL immigration illegally by Mexicans and all else who try to cross our border with Mexico.....Let me know you will close the border...Let me know you are going to try to close out the immigration illegals now here by some means other than making them LEGAL!!!!!

THEN and ONLY THEN will I be able to support you!

& I explored your site Mike, and NOWHERE did you ask my input! Do you not care, or are you a Hillary look-alike who wants to control ALL about your campaign????

Just askin Mike.....Convince me!

Tell me Mike....