Monday, December 03, 2007

Today I Got My REFUND!

Yeppers.....I got my refund from the official State-of-Florida Insurance company today. You know, the insurance company which offers insurance to those of us in Florida who; 1) Live within 20 miles of the coast; 2) Have homes of more than 20 years age....

We are being acknowledged for the fact that Hurricanes have not been a part of our lives for the PAST TWO YEARS!.......(THIS IS A JOKE FOLKS!!!!!)

In fact, hurricanes have NOT BEEN A PART of our lives for 17 of the past 20 years in Florida......Thus we are finding the insurance costs illogical, and not at all realistic!

Could the Insurance Industry possibly be involved in seeing that they NEVER have an exposure in Florida?????

Of course not! They are simply being "cautious!"

I am probably going to be trans-located to somewhere in the area of Chattanooga in the next year or so (Nick-A-Jack Lake)....soon as I can sell my Florida home!

The taxes, insurance, etc. have forced this decision.....

Florida, you are NO LONGER hospitable to retirees!