Monday, December 03, 2007

Global Warming & Kyoto...Two Failed "Causes!"

The yelling and screaming, twisting and shouting continue as the AlGoreites wave the banner of GW.

Neal Boortz today tells of the real GW & Kyoto.....


Here's an update for all you warmers. "Green" scientists are being accused of overstating the dangers of climate change. Researchers have found that the number of people that die each year by weather-related disasters is falling. Uh oh. Not good for the climate change cultists.

The global warmers will have you believe that if we don't act now, there will be a huge increase in deaths from weather-related disasters ... particularly for poor countries. And remember, it is the duty of the rich nations to help the poor countries that will suffer more because of the plight of global warming ... we do that by handing over money.

But latest research shows that deaths from weather related disasters peaked in the 1920s and has been declining ever since. Warmers say that global warming has been the most intense between 1990 and 2006. However, the number of weather-related deaths during that time period was down 87% from the previous period of 1900 to 1989. The mortality rate from catastrophes dropped by 93%. With the peak rate of deaths in the 1920s being 500,000 a year, the death toll during the 2000-2006 period averaged 19,900.

Guess we're just not trying hard enough.

By the way .. find a global warming cultist today and ask them what the idea temperature of the earth would be. That's always a fun question.


So what happens to countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol but fail to meet greenhouse gas emissions limits? Fines. Lots of fines. Most, if not all of the money paid for by none other than the taxpayers of those countries.

Let's take Japan, Italy and Spain for instance. They collectively owe $33 billion in fines for failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And why did they fail to meet the requirements? Because they underestimated economic growth and future emissions from factories and utilities. In other words ... their economies grew better than they expected, and thusly they are punished.

So now Spain must pass 40% of the cost for extra emissions on to those successful businesses that helped its economy grow. The other 60% will come directly from taxes. The businesses, of course, will pass their fines on to the consumers of whatever it is the provide or produce. In Italy, the taxpayers will pay 75% of the bill for extra permits ... just to fit into the Kyoto Protocol. And Japanese taxpayers must pay for two-thirds of the nation's excess.

In one more case, taxpayers in Ireland will shell out more than €270 million so that Ireland can "buy its way" into meeting the Kyoto agreement.

Aren't you disappointed that the U.S. hasn't become a part of this huge income redistribution scam by now?

Before we go .. another hint. Warming stopped a decade ago. Over the past three years it has actually become cooler."

How sad.....the AlGoreites will not have their cause much longer.....then they'll be off in a flurry of private jets to find a newer, more easily trumped-up cause!

It is a shame Al Gore cannot utilize his considerable wealth and public position for something other than an attack against the United States and other countries actually achieving some progress.

If you wish to read the entire Boortz page He is at least always interesting.....