Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh My God !!!!!

From the WTF department of news and "studies".....this is just too much.....

Ya gotta laugh!

& so i guess there are NOT other things kept in older refrigerators???? You know, like food among those who are trying to make an old refrigerator last?

What a hit piece against beer/alcohol.....

Duchess and I have two for normal with wine, beer, soda, extra frozen goods, etc. We even attempt to empty #2 when we leave on a long RV trip and shut it down. & OF COURSE it is the oldest refrigerator.....we're not going to use the newest to hold such things.

ABSURD.....What really, really galls me is the fact WE, the taxpayers, probably funded matter if it is a Canadian or American study!

BS, pure and simple! Another liberal trying to install guilt for living among the masses. Wonder where the study producer keeps his beer......OH, Damn, of course, he drinks only red French wines at room temp!