Friday, November 23, 2007

NYT Has Proof....of....Er....Well.....

The NYT, in their unswerving efforts to prove they are all-knowing, all-seeing, and represent the views of a massive majority of citizens of...."NYTville", are continuing to offer what Ann Coulter calls "A Democrat Manual For Suicide!"

Somewhere yesterday a read this (paraphrased; sorry I cannot credit someone): The NYT, given their dive in circulation and stock values....$50 a share to $17 a share in two plus under no threat from Rupert Murdoch of a takeover....however there is fear Rupert's nanny might stage the takeover!

Space cadets continue to run the NYT...led by "Pinch" Sulzberger. They are truly running the NYT into the ground.

I often wonder what a buyout by a conservative dedicated to fair news coverage might do to a major would truly be interesting to see.