Friday, November 30, 2007

Did Ya Notice??????

The current bruhaha over "plants" at the GOP CNN/YouTube debate (what an oxymoron) is centered upon the fact that DEM operatives of various levels were invited to the CNN operation.

My friends, that is NOT the story......The story is.....There were "friendly" DEM operatives at the CNN DEM debate, and "hostile" DEM operatives at the GOP debate.....

What an amazing co-inky-dink!

CNN smiles, confesses they know little, if anything, about the process, and ignores any form of collusion ties by the GOP as they profess they "should have" checked, but it is not REALLY important anyway.

Let me see:

CNN - DEM Debate = Dem operatives asking questions

CNN - GOP Debate = Dem operatives asking questions

What strikes a wrong cord here???????

Could CNN (The Clinton News Network) possibly have an agenda????? Naw! They said they did not, so it must be FACT!

How stupid do the DEMs think the public is......OH, right, they think all are stupid and need to be led by the Government which can provide ALL for the populace......

Damn....I hope there are still enough cognitive folks who can keep the DEMs (Hillary) from absconding with the high office of PRESIDENT....

If not, then we will all live to regret the TAX HIKES, and LACK-OF-RESPONSIBILITY to the voters that will follow!

YIKES! It is too scary to contemplate!