Sunday, December 02, 2007

BCS? - Maybe It'll Be BC-Mess!

WOW! What a spectacular finish to a spectacular year.

My Illini knocked off the near season-long favorite Ohio State Buckeyes to apparently send them packing from BCS consideration.....After all they were behind two teams almost certain to go to the BIG game. Until yesterday when both fell!

Now Ohio State once-again seems an odds-on favorite to be in the BCS bowl. They are facing???? The trick here is the BCS has many subtle looks at teams, their opponents, and their opponents-opponents, etc. No less than SIX teams are in the run for Ohio State opponent.

My pick? LSU.....with USC a very, very strong second.

This afternoon will tell the tale.

Meanwhile, unless something goes South in California, my Fighting Illini (minus the beloved Chief Illiniwik) seem destined for Rose Bowl and some opponent....most likely USC if they are not BCS bound! This, in some respects, offends me as I had been wishing for a Florida U of I game at the Outback Bowl here in know the story, spurned former Florida coach Ron Zook takes loser Illini in three years to knocking off #1 in the nation, and finishing #2 in the powerful Big Ten Conference. Had a lot of good makings in that one!

Does anyone else notice a whole list of maybes, ifs, possiblys, etc?

Should be some great bowls and our own locals, USF (University of South Florida Bulls) are going to play somewhere.....

Take time for Christmas, but stand by for a resounding list of "Kick-Offs" over about two weeks...I'm ready!