Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Global Scamming?????

Neal Boortz, once agai, takes on the AlGore Scam machine in today's column...


The climate change panic machine is in full form this week. Here’s today’s editorial from The Atlanta Journal Constitution saying the U.S. must “act fast.” Why? Is the AJC editorial board afraid the world might figure out that global warming is a scam before we cripple our free enterprise economy by “acting fast?”

In the meantime .. here are some of the scare stories coming out of that anti-capitalist climate change meeting going on now in Bali:

The number of people who will be threatened by coastal flooding will more than triple by 2070… due to “climate change.” More than 150 million people have the potential to be exposed to a “1-in-100 year” flooding event, which is a commonly accepted risk assessment standard. It also assumes a mean rise in sea level of almost 2 feet.

The financial impact of this fairytale is $35 trillion, which assesses the value of exposed property. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says that actions needs to be taken quickly to save these coastal “at risk” cities.

So which cities are most likely to impacted …

Calcutta tops the list in terms of population exposure. Miami, Florida is 9th on the list, and is the only city in a developed country to make the report’s list.

When it comes to financial impact, eight of the most financially exposed cities were predicted to be in Asia. New York is 2nd on the list. And when it comes to assets, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Tampa and Virginia Beach made the cut.
Now .. for those of you who aren’t so eager to buy into this scam .. here are a few links:

The global warming scam. An article by Derek Kelly, PhD.

The Founder of the Weather Channel says that “global warming is the greatest scam in history. But then, what the hell does he know, right?

Another article entiled “The global warming scam” by Nima Sanandaji and Fred Goldberg

Eight Reasons Why Global Warming is a Scam, by Joseph Bast.

Global Warming? Mark Jaffe, Denver Post.

Nine Lies about Global Warming. [pdf]

Science for Sale: The Global Warming Scam, from Accuracy in Media

This whole global warming/climate change bit is nothing more than the center of the leftist, anti-capitalist agenda to weaken the economies of the wealthier free enterprise countries to the benefit of third-world dictators and the so-called “developing nations.” Just watch the recommendations that are going to be coming out of the Bali meetings, and see if most of them don’t call for either limits of the American economy or the outright transfer of wealth from the United States to the third world."

It is seriously time for the media folk who find AlGore so knowledgable to begin accepting that this is a two part controversy, NOT a settled fact as AlGore would have you believe.

The parts? 1. IS there truly warming? (the weather has actually been cooler since 1998!) 2. IF there is warming, does man have a hand in causing it? (The Earth cycles cooler and warmer on a fairly frequent basis according to all we have been able to learn.)

Yell & Scream is the order of the day for the folks who WANT GW to be fact. Many of them make their living off the GW scam!