Thursday, December 06, 2007

Damn The Torpedoes....Can We Just Retreat???

Once again, maintaining by the way their PERFECT record since taking "command" of the Congress, the Democrats (Defeatocrats?) are poised to waffle completely off the idea of strings on money for Iraq.

GWB will win! The Dems will lose. The die is cast!

Michelle Malkin offers us an Emily Latella moment and her piece even includes a Captain Ed comparison of the Dems to the hapless Charlie Brown as he tries to kick the football held by Lucy.

This stuff just writes itself.

Is there a point when Harry "The War Is Lost!" Reid, and Nancy "Retreat, Retreat!" Pelosi will regain any senses they once had, and actually begin to find a new argument they can 1) actually win; and 2) Has some F-A-C-T connected to it?

I do not see this in the picture for these two monster-intellect individuals!

Ya gotta love em....or at least somebody has to.