Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scientists to U.N. - "Stop The Hysteria!"

More than 100 scientists have written the United Nations asking them to halt their spiral toward hysteria over global warming. They state facts and refute OwlGoreisms in their missive.

The conclusion by Cassy Fiano: " The list of signatories is impressive. But what would they know compared to the Goracle, a politician who was a C student in science? Besides, abandoning the global warming hoax means abandoning the perfect excuse to inflict socialism and economic ruin on Western Civilization -- and of course, blame the United States for yet another catastrophe. Why would the Goracle and the bureaucrats at the UN possibly give that up, no matter how much the science disagrees with their agenda?"

The drum beat continues.....The opposition to Gore and his cronies GROWS almost daily!

The entire piece by Cassy Fiano IS A GREAT READ!

Wonder how much more it will take (no less than The Pope & also the founder of The Weather Network have announced their disbelief in GW!) before the Mushy Slime Media (MSM) begins to cut back on their love of OwlGore and company....let alone begin to hear others?

I promise a GIANT "I TOLD YOU SO!" when it occurs!